Website Uptime Monitoring Service

Monitor uptime, receive notifications, and review performance at glance.

website monitoring dashboard

Website Monitoring Features

  •  Dashboard: Real-time monitoring dashboard
  •  Notifications: Email, text-to-voice, on-screen, audible
  •  Graphical Baselines: Historical performance metrics
  •  Change Log:  Logs all website changes
  •  Screenshots: Automatic screenshots of each website
  •  Global Uptime Monitoring: Monitoring from six continents
  •  Reporting: Interactive reports
  •  On Call Scheduler: Flexible on-call scheduling
  •  Multi-user: Account access by multiple users
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Getting Started With Free Website Monitoring

Thought Provoking external website monitoring service is built to reflect the most up-to-date website monitoring technologies and concepts. Those technologies are made accessible from a real-time web-based graphical dashboard to provide organizations the tools needed to maximize uptime and gain the insight required to optimize the end user experience. Feel free to browse our website monitoring information library, view a live demonstration of the website monitoring dashboard, or register for free and instantly begin monitoring uptime for two sites every 15 minutes.
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